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Scented Soy Blend Candles


Great Scents' Soy Blend Select Candles are an elegant way to create a soothing and fragrant home environment.  

• Made of eco-friendly soy wax

• No smoke, no pollution

• Long-lasting

Item Number Name Unit UPC Unit UPC Unit UPC Size Images SDS Ingredients
95009-12 Soy Fragranced Candles Jasmine Fields 0-48155-95009-2 0-48155-95009-2 0-48155-95009-2 3 oz. request sds learn more
95010-12 Soy Fragranced Candles Sweet Blossom & Pear 0-48155-95010-8 0-48155-95010-8 0-48155-95010-8 3 oz. request sds learn more
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